InnovGene Solutions provides Data Analytics Using R-Language Course fresh graduates, employees looking for career change, IT professional to upgrade their skills in Data analytics. The course is fully customized based on the need of the candidate. A detailed introduction to statistics will be provided. Tentative content of the course: Working with R -studio, R - Language fundamentals, Data types, descriptive and inferential stats in R, Building Charts, Hypothesis testing in R, Data Visualization using R, Common R packages etc.

Advanced topics covered in the course: Vectors, Matrices, Lists in R, data frames and Control Structures in R.

The specialty of the course is that @ InnovGene we present most recent case studies and industrial datasets. The sessions will be fully interactive with more focus on hands on experience.

Course Content

  • Detailed Introduction to Statistics for Data Science
  • Getting Started with R Console and R Studio
  • R Language Fundamentals
  • Vectors, Matrices, Factors, Data Frames, Lists and Data Structures in R
  • Descriptive Statistics in R
  • Graphics in R
  • Catagorical Data Analysis in R
  • Mean Comparison in R
  • Correlation and Regression Analysis in R
  • Introduction to Text Analytics in R
  • Introdution to Datamining Concepts and Implementation in R
  • Caset Studies and Live Project.